Friends Jupiter Beach

Friends of Jupiter Beach Digital Art Release

Snap Cares has partnered with Friends of Jupiter Beach to launch their first Digital Art Collection.

Digital art represents a new approach to investing, generating profits, and raising funds by acquiring distinctive, valuable, and exchangeable content. Always at the forefront of new ideas, Snap Partners recognized the tremendous success of its Rubber Doug launch last summer, and Snap Cares was born.

Snap Cares merges the blockchain universe with purposeful acquisition of Digital Art and maintains its commitment to linking the realm of blockchain with the pursuit of valuable digital artworks that serve a purpose.

Snap Cares is on a mission to transform fundraising and the future of philanthropy. Consumers can engage with organizations and businesses on a new level and collect digital art that reflects that connection. Snap Cares has partnered with Friends of Jupiter Beach to launch their first Digital Art collection. A portion of the proceeds of each Friends of Jupiter Beach Digital Artworks goes back to the organization to help them in their mission to promote an environmentally conscious community coming together to maintain and enjoy clean and dog-friendly beaches.

Here are some frequently asked questions

  1. Click link: Mint the Friends of Jupiter Beach Digital Art
  2. Select product & add to cart
  3. View cart, agree to terms and proceed to checkout with credit card or one of the below payment methods.
  4. Check email for both:
    • Order confirmation from
    • digital art claim from
    Be sure to check your SPAM folder!
  5. Step 5: After claiming your Digital Art, check email for:
    Rewards access from 
    Be sure to check your SPAM folder!

  • Check your emails for “Claim Your Digital Art” email from (Be sure to check your SPAM folder!)
    1. Select “Claim Digital Art”
    2. Select “Create a wallet for me” (enter email utilized in Digital Art purchase) or connect to an existing wallet.
  • Check your emails for “Digital Art Transfer Complete” email from (Be sure to check your SPAM folder!)
    • Select “View your Digital Art” (use email and password from previous step)
  • Saving Digital Art Art to your device Tips/Instructions:
    • If saving from laptop/desktop: Right click on Digital Art image and select Save As
    • If saving from phone: Click on Digital Art image and select "Save to Photos"

After purchase of your Digital Art, refer to Snap Cares Rewards Access email from to redeem your rewards. Be sure to check your spam folder if you have not received your email.

  • In order to print your Digital Art you must do the following:
    1. First-time users of the Snap Cares Proshop must create an account.
    2. After account creation, click the campaign where you purchased your digital art
    3. Select the appropriate border if printing for wall display.
    4. Upload your digital art to view your print.
    5. Add to the Cart & Check out


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  • $25 gift card to The Twisted Tuna Jupiter
  • $25 gift card to Nitrogen
  • 2 Large Bucket of Range Balls at The Golf Club of Jupiter
  • Pack of Mahi Mahi chews AND 25% any order from Florida Man Pet Treats website
  • 30% off Go Green Dry Cleaning services
  • 15% off your entire purchase at Jupdog
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  • 1 free cheese or hot oil pizza from Rikos Pizza
  • 1 free variety pack of Brite Start Bone Broth
  • 1 free Old Fashioned from Brick & Barrel

Snap Cares does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the products or services referenced in the coupon/rewards offered by affiliate companies. All coupons/rewards and/or discounts are the responsibility of the contributing organization. Use of coupons is at your own risk. Void where prohibited.

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