How Snap Cares Works

Ride the Trend

Catch one of the biggest digital waves in the history of the internet.

Connect and Share

Engage your audience, employees, students and community members and generate buzz by providing exclusive perks for NFT holders.

Pick your favorite charity

Know Snap Cares will select the best charities to support or select your own. Either way it's a win-win and humanity will thank you.

Snap Cares NFTs for Charity Program
Snap Cares NFTs for Charity Program
Snap Cares NFTs for Charity Program
Snap Cares NFTs for Charity Program

For Non Profits.

Snap Cares specializes in helping non-profit organizations raise funds for your next project.

Tired of doing garage sales, baking goods, or car washes? Let Snap Cares create NFTs for your next fundraiser. Our organization will handle the design and development, so all you have to focus on is planning your next fund raising event.

For Private Corporations.

Any organization labelled "for profit" can absolutely participate in our NFT program.

Your employees will enjoy exclusive perks and benefits for being apart of your company-wide program. Boost company morale all the while raising funds for charity, it's a win-win.

For Political Organizations.

Utilize Web 3.0 and grow a strong political following virtually.

Gain strong ground in the Metaverse. Don't understand it? We do. The virtual world is another front to gain political following. Offer NFTs worldwide and increase your political exposure to a younger demographic. Offer unique perks to gain an edge on other political figures.

For Educational Institutions.

Schools, colleges and educational institutions can now use NFTs to help raise funds at the next pep rally, auction, or student gathering

Students are the best demographic to market to when raising funds with NFTs. Create an NFT with the school mascot and get students and teachers on board all while raising funds for charity.

For Sports Teams.

Give your fans the opportunity to connect to their favorite sports team using NFTs and Web 3.0

Imagine being able to give loyal fans an opportunity to invest in their favorite sports team

For Private Clubs.

Whether if your a country club with different locations or your local pottery club, Snap Cares can help you raise funds for your next event.

If you have a community whether big or small, let Snap Cares help you raise funds, increase exposure to your club, and donate proceeds to a charity of your choice.

For Artists & Musicians.

Utilize Web 3.0 and grow your fans virtually.

Raise funds using NFTs at your next event. Offer unique perks and benefits to fans such as free artist merch or discounts to your next concert or gig.

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Snap Cares

  • Design Amazing Campaigns
  • Develop Compelling NFTs
  • Engage your Audience
  • Expert Web 3.0 Analysts
  • Exclusive Perks
  • Accumulate Profits
  • Support Charity
  • Save lives