Light House PBC

This is not your typical fundraiser and certainly not the usual acknowledgment plaque to be displayed on your wall! Lighthouse Palm Beach County has partnered with Snap Cares. We will be providing Lighthouse PBC supporters and the community at large the opportunity to own a unique Digital Art NFT explicitly created by Gabriel Cozzarelli (GABA) to represent the mission and the work of this amazing organization! Lighthouse PBC provides outreach and support to victims of human trafficking and the commercial sex trade, giving them hope that there is a way out.

Digital Art NFT RELEASE OCTOBER 14TH! Own a One-of-a-Kind piece symbolizing your support!
Instantly Downloadable Signed by the Artist


There will be very limited quantities. Lighthouse PBC chose a flower design because it represents how the women they serve grow and bloom. You won't want to miss this launch. Digital Art NFT will be offered at $200 and $500


Lighthouse PBC

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“Sometimes Just One Person Can Make a Difference.”

— Becky Dymond, Founder, Lighthouse PBC.

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