World Renowned Graffitti Artist.

Gabriel Cozzarelli (GABA) started in art around 2006, before being an entrepreneur involved in the automotive business, where his inspiration comes from, as well as music, film, comics, sports and literature. From self-taught philosophy, he uses technological tools such as digitization and mixes paint, drawing and textured metal to create personalized works of POP art.The art of light and movement in metal, is the best way to describe the result of GABA, who adding textures and combining materials such as acrylics, swarovski crystals, glitter on metal, among other materials; it creates a unique perception at the same time that art can be interpreted in movement thanks to the light reflected from certain angles. The final art is a piece of metal that takes personality and life as it moves with you.This is how the art of GABA is born, which stands out in a unique way due to its style, materials and influences from different areas of popular culture.

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