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It's time to make a change in this world using emerging technologies raising funds for charity selling NFTs.

Plan your fundraiser.

Get your event planning team together and get your details ready for your next fund raising event.

Planning your event is key when creating awareness for the NFTs Snap Cares will design and develop. Getting the NFTs in front of as many guests as possible is a critical component to sell enough to raise funds for charity and make a profit.

Fill out the Snap Cares Application

Get Snap Cares on board for your next event so we can design and develop all of the functionality that goes into selling NFTs.

Once you have your fundraiser planned your next step is to get us on board. We have creative and analytical professionals to design and develop the NFTs from the ground up. Not only do we handle the designing of the NFTs, we drive power behind the creation of the landing page of the NFTs and also the minting page so individuals and guests of your upcoming event can purchase the NFTs virtually from anywhere, even from their phone right at launch.

Raise Funds. Build Utility

To make buying your NFTs worthwhile to your guests it's important to create utility.

To sell the NFTs it's imperative to offer perks and benefits. For example, offer free entry to your next event or give free merchandise to everyone who holds your NFT.

Start your application free today!

Answer a few questions, and we can get to know each other. Approval process takes up to two business days.

Snap Cares

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  • Expert Web 3.0 Analysts
  • Exclusive Perks
  • Accumulate Profits
  • Support Charity
  • Save lives