Rubber Doug

Crypto Rubber doug Digital Art Release

Crypto Rubber doug Digital Art

Snap Delivered is an affiliate marketing food delivery company ready to make everlasting strides in the food and beverage delivery industry. In their Global Expansion Conference in June of 2022 Snap Cares helped curate 300 Digital Artworks to sell to company reps and added the ability to purchase with a credit card immediately at launch.

Rubber Doug Rewards:

    • Paul's online bookstore offers a share of its net profits, which is distributed quarterly to your Wise account.
    • Access to the next training is free.
    • Enjoy lifetime free delivery via the Snap Delivered App.
    • A special week-long training on using Crypto & Digital Arts for your business is available.
    • Get a chance to win a $2000 artwork signed and handmade by Gabriel Cozarelli in the raffle at the end of 2023.
    • Receive a signed Digital Artwork by Gabriel Cozzarelli (Vista link, instructions, and code: DOUG23).
    • Stand a chance to have Paul Mikel visit your town for three days to help you build your Snap Delivered business in the raffle at the end of 2023.

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