Strength For Fiaz

Strength For Fiaz

Strength For Fiaz
A Community's Multiple Sclerosis Fight

Contribute to a lifeline of support in Fiaz Khan's battle against MS: help Fiaz reclaim his life.

The story:
In 2001, Fiaz's life took an unexpected turn when a car accident at the age of 9 left him with lasting effects. The trauma from this incident unfolded over the years, and by the age of 15, Fiaz faced significant challenges, struggling to walk or stand steadily. It was at this point that he received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS).
The journey has been a rollercoaster of challenges, from misdiagnoses to toxic medications. Despite being on a lower dose of imuran, a harsh drug with severe side effects, he fought back. However, the toll on his body was immense, with irregular heartbeat, kidney issues, and more. At 18, Fiaz made the courageous decision to quit all toxic drugs, and after years of recovery, he became drug-free in 2004.

The past decade has been an uphill battle against MS, especially after the unexpected loss of Fiaz's father and a dear friend to glioblastoma brain cancer. Mentally, it's been a tough journey, but he's remained a fighter.

How you can contribute to Fiaz's recovery:
Now, Fiaz is at a critical juncture. Financially, life on disability and Medicaid restrictions has been challenging.Family and friends rallied for a GoFundMe campaign in the past for stem cell treatment in New York, but unfortunately, it wasn't the right procedure. Now Fiaz is seeking help for a new approach – umbilical stem cell treatment.

This treatment could alleviate the mental and financial strain of figuring out the next steps. Your support will be critical in regaining the advantage in Fiaz's battle against MS.

Please contribute to help Fiaz in this fight. Together, we can make a difference.

Strength For Fiaz Rewards

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