Crypto Rubber doug Digital Art NFT Case Study

Snap Delivered is an affiliate marketing food delivery company ready to make everlasting strides in the food and beverage delivery industry. In their Global Expansion Conference in June of 2022 Snap Cares helped curate 300 Digital Art NFT to sell to company reps and added the ability to purchase with a credit card immediately at launch.


Snap Delivered came up with an idea of offering their company representatives the ability to own a piece of their brand: Rubber Doug. After creating 300 unique variations of the Digital Art NFT. Over 100 eager individuals claimed an Digital Art NFT and secured utility.


Snap Delivered

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The Result

Only 300 rare and unique Digital Art NFT launched at the Vegas Global Conference Event and Over 100 Digital Art NFT were sold instantly resulting in over $30,000 in proceeds for charity. Offering free access to the next event and free personal 1-on-1 training sessions help add value to holding a Doug. Talk about a win.
The Digital Art NFT were easy to purchase using QR code and a credit card and the crypto wallet is created instantly with an email. That’s it (no need to purchase crypto or any other steps)
1. Scan QR code
2. Input email
3. pay using credit card

“I'm excited to be on the front end of the massive wave that is Snap Delivered! Offering Digital Art NFTS to their reps is just another exciting way we can grow as the company grows.”

— Rich Piana, Snap Delivered, Independent Business Owner.

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