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Your sports team can engage their fans in a more dynamic and interactive way. Make money, build value and utilize your profits towards making a positive impact on your athletic team's mission or even donating to charities closest to your own HEART.

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Offer your fans an opportunity to take part in an industry where your team can lead the charge. Fans can purchase, trade, and sell official virtual members of the team.

Offering new and exciting ways to connect to your fans will give your sports team a competitive edge. Offering Digital Art for your fans, team members, and staff will help exposure your team in ways like never before. Scoring one against your opponent has never been easier.

Digital Art can provide a new revenue stream for athletic organizations, as they can sell unique and collectibles to fans & supporters, potentially generating higher bids and donations.

Athletic organizations can collaborate with artists and musicians to create Digital Art that support their cause, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the organization.

Digital Art can be used to create unique digital memorabilia for fans, such as limited-edition digital trading cards or digital replicas of game-winning gear.

Digital Art can help to raise the profile of an athletic organization, generating buzz and media attention around unique digital art and collectibles, potentially attracting new fans and supporters.

Digital Art can be used to engage with fans and supporters, offering unique digital experiences, such as access to exclusive meet & greets with athletes or virtual tours of facilities.

Digital Art offer the potential for ongoing revenue streams, as athletic organizations can earn royalties from the resale of their Digital Art on secondary markets, providing a long-term benefit for fundraising efforts.

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Get Snap Cares on board for your next big game so we can design and develop all of the functionality that goes into selling Digital Art.

Once you have your game planned and are focusing on getting the final details ready, Snap Cares will help create the Digital Art based on your parameters. Our team will handle the design of the Digital Art and fully deploy the website and minting page so your sports team and fans can purchase the Digital Art right at launch.

Raise Funds. Build Utility

To make buying your Digital Art worthwhile to your sports fans it's important to create utility.

Your fans will enjoy added perks and bonuses for holding Digital Art. The community of Digital Art holders will appreciate the utility you provide for them and by doing this you can gain a competitive edge. Get on board, save lives, win games, help the world.

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